FunnyFest2007_lastshow_comicsThe FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival & all workshops & seminars were created by Stu Hughes. FunnyFest is a non-profit organization, produced mainly by FunnyFest was the first comedy festival of its kind in Western Canada and FunnyFest focuses on creating as much laughter at possible for the best value! FunnyFest is an unique combination of entertainment, learning, socializing and FUN.  FunnyFest promotes mental and physical health through the GIFT OF LAUGHTER!

With over 11000 punchlines and no sacred cows, FunnyFest is a distinctive Western comedy festival.  Over 11 exciting days in we will showcase a wide range of stand up comedy, 1 person shows and sketch talent from around the world.  Importance will be placed on promoting the outstanding comedic talents of Canadians, and concurrently, providing awesome opportunities for volunteers in a festival setting.

FunnyFest is a true comedy event — high brow to low brow and no sacred cows in-between – FunnyFest offers a diverse range of belly laughs.

FunnyFest runs year-round and produces approximately 150 comedy events per annum. FunnyFest FEATURES:  11 nights of comedy with 70 performers at 11 venues with over  20 comedy themes!

FunnyFest donates over 100 k worth of value to financially challenged persons, charities and non-profit organizations — FunnyFest always gives back to the community to help build a caring, vibrant and diverse society.

Ticket prices range from FREE to $15 to $59.


Come play a vital role in making FunnyFest come to life!
A big thank you to all of you who support FunnyFest!

Thank you.

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More Information FunnyFest Events

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