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FunnyFest would be delighted to offer a FUNNYFEST on TOUR COMEDY EVENT for 90 plus minutes featuring 2 HEADLINE COMICS (and maybe special guest comic) from our roster of 50 COMEDY performers!

joe_king-225x300The King Is Here!” Joe King, the undisputed king of comedy, brings his satirical, witty and sometimes controversial brand of humour to a stage near you. An accomplished impressionist, with a keen eye for pop culture, Joe will definitely please any crowd before him. If you haven’t seen “The King” on T.V. Or film, you definitely won’t want to miss the chance to see him live! Winner of the 2009 FunnyFest Talent Search.


Stu_Hughes_COMEDIAN_HEAD_SMALLStu Hughes is Over-the-top funny! As real and genuine a comic, with an effortless ability to keep the audience glued to the non-stop action.  Stu is the mad genius behind the FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival and a 15 year veteran of stand up comedy.

Plus — maybe SPECIAL Guest Stand Up Comic.


The FunnyFest price is filled with outstanding value and includes:

  1. Promotional materials of colour posters & ticket handbills produced and emailed in High Resolution PDF within 2 days (i.e. once you fill in the brief booking confirmation)
  2. Submission to local media & event websites
  3. Our price is ALL inclusive and there are no hidden costs.This includes — GST, gratuity, travel, per diem, insurance.  Please provide 2 motel rooms & $50 F & B tab.
  4. Book 2 consecutive shows and receive 15% off
  5. Long term relationship


INVESTMENT:  100% guaranteed the highest quality show at a VALUE partnership investment. Special partnership show offer will be tailored made to your region & venue.

Suggestion: If you charge $10 to $20 per ticket (you can give a way as many as you want to NEW customers and REGULARS) you can make a profit quickly in combination with liquor and food sales. A goal of only 50 tickets sold and the rest complimentary is effective. Combine ticket revenue with F & B sales (AND a positive message about your brand to new and old customers) = SUCCESS!


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