Touring Comedian That desires to perform at your venue!

Touring Comedian That desires to perform at your venue!

The Comedian below would be delighted AND grateful to perform 5 to 60 minutes or showcase for your Talent Booker. 

Please let us know if you can fit STU HUGHES into your tight schedule.

GUARANTEED Funny & Original Stand – Up Comedian:


Stu Hughes is Over-the-top funny! A real and genuine comedic force, with an effortless ability to keep the audience glued to the non-stop laughs. Stu is the mad genius behind the FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival and a 18 year veteran of stand up comedy. Stu likes hockey, being a professional pall bearer and throwing marbles at cheese



+ Seminar or Workshop opportunity. Stu Hughes can present a 45 minute to 120 minute seminar (with workshop elements) on the “SECRETS of STAND UP COMEDY” — Public speaking and writing advice derived from 18 years of professional stand – up comedy performance experience. The seminar is mind – blowing, for both the lay person, and comedy lover combined. And / or complete stand up comedy workshop presentation of tailor written lengths of 4 hours, 1 day and 2 days.


Thank you VERY much for your consideration.

Stu Hughes
Stand Up Comic

Mobile: 403 383 0141


Phone : 403-228-7888 Email :