Team building LAUGH & LEARN Seminars & Workshops from the FunnyFest Comedy Experts

Applied corporate public speaking training from FunnyFest Comedy will create results! Better Communicators = Better Business! Get the communication edge to win over your audience and create more business. Why not have your team “Laugh & Learn”? With over 18 years of real-time experience, FunnyFest Comedy Experts stands up and delivers over 100 tailor written techniques within our training workshops / seminars.

More than $350 billion in training was spent throughout the world in 2015. Most businesses and individuals did not derive great value from this training. As communication to groups and individuals has become extremely important due to lack of face-time AND due to time restraints, specialized public speaking training has become essential. FunnyFest Comedy Experts deliver on this promise to help business communicators with proven practical & applied techniques and result driven training.

The “Secrets of Stand Up Comedy” seminar or workshops will guarantee your team is presenting succinctly, with the appropriate inclusion of original and tailor written (hilarious) laughter. The FunnyFest Comedy Experts Training will augment and complement a person’s strong public speaking skills, and ensure they smoothly present laughter (where no laughter existed before), in their respective presentation. We teach a triumvirate of disciplines woven and delivered in a seamless workshop or seminar

FunnyFest Comedy Experts is the only organization that provides a 100% guaranteed of life-changing improvement in public speaking with laughter OR all fees will be refunded immediately. 

TEAM BUILDING Comedy Seminars & Workshops:  

  1. Laughter in the Workplace;
  2. Secrets of Stand Up Comedy to improve your public speaking within your presentations / speeches;
  3. Comedy writing.

Seminars and workshops can be delivered to individuals or corporate groups at one or many partner venues or at your office or location you prefer.

You will also receive a matching dollar amount of FUNNY MONEY Gift Certificates to use at the 23rd annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival.

FunnyFest COMEDY also offers FUNNY MONEY Gift Certificates @ 2 for the price of 1 & Corporate Comedy shows for any event.

FunnyFest COMEDY represents 50 PERFORMERS and offer adult comedy, musical comedy, comedy magic, ventriloquists, hypnotists & variety performers.

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