ESSENTIAL WORKERS / 1st Responders! A GIFT of LAUGHTER for YOU and other stakeholders:

PICK A SHOW BELOW to receive a Gift of up to TWO (2) TICKETS – An $40 value – to see a FunnyFest Comedy Show LIVE and in person at one of our VENUES. This Gift is meant to help your mental health through some BIG Belly – Laughs from the 23rd Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Society, as it is a HUGE part of our Society’s Mission to SHARE the GIFT of LAUGHTER!

FREE tickets are courtesy of XIMEN MINING CORP..

When we are not busy exploring for precious metals to mine, XIMEN MINING CORP. desires to support a few special cultural industries.

Therefore, XIMEN MINING CORP. is proud to sponsor the 22nd Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Society. One of the society’s main missions is to SHARE the GIFT of LAUGHTER!

XIMEN MINING CORP. believes that is a great mission, and we desire to “THANK YOU” for connecting with our company through a Gift of up to TWO (2) TICKETS – A $40 value – to a FunnyFest Comedy Show.

 CLICK Here for 2 FREE TICKETS (value $40) to SATURDAY, March 11, 2023 @ 7 pm, FunnyFest Comedy – “Comedy Workshop Graduation SHOW


Laugh with 8 student comedians! See 2 headline comedians bookend the hilarity, plus a special guest comedian! Prizes; Great Food and Beverages, crazy, funny, Free parking.


NOTE: Doors open 60 minutes before show time / You must arrive A MINIMUM of 25 minutes before show time / Lots of — special offers / prizes.



FunnyFest Comedy shares the GIFT of LAUGHTER and we are happy XIMEN MINING CORP. purchased the tickets to give a way to YOU!


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