Here is a special offer for your venue to receive food & beverage revenue, ticket revenue, and advertising & promotion, by becoming an OFFICIAL Venue Partner with the 23rd Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival AND / OR the 24th Annual FunnyFest Comedy COMPETITION (for 1 to 5 shows)!

The 23rd Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Society desires to discuss a select partnership opportunity for your venue to be an “official host venue partner” with the 23rd Annual FunnyFest Comedy Productions on one (1) or more nights featuring six (6) comedians on a date during both of these events:

  1. 23rd Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival, June 1 to 11, 2023;
  2. 24th Annual FunnyFest Comedy COMPETITION, April 18 to 27, 2024;
  3. FunnyFest Comedy MONTHLY Comedy Series, 2023;

As Western Canada’s largest celebration of comedy and Canada’s Comedy Expert, FunnyFest Comedy drives NEW customer traffic, brings revenue through Food & Beverage sales AND ticket sales, reinforces venue branding, and customers have higher than average disposable income. This is a turn-key opportunity, as FunnyFest Comedy provides most of the promotional collateral (and much of the advertising) AND produces the events with our staff (including ALL production, such as, sound and light, front of house and ushering). This helps your organization focus on serving our mutual customers tasty beverages and food. Moreover, your venue can invite your corporate clients to host their Corporate Party or company event during festival(s) [to maximize profit and FUN].

23rd Annual FunnyFest Comedy Deliverables:

  1. Food & Beverage revenue
  2. Ticket Revenue
  3. Paid Advertising of your brand
  4. Promotion of your brand
  5. TV / Internet broadcast taping potential of interstitials and shows
  6. Group Sales
  7. CORPORATE bookings – Special events & Christmas Parties (You receive 15% commission) – 58% of our customers are in management and / or are business owners — they make the decisions on corporate events
  8. Driving new customers
  9. High Quality talent performs
  10. Marketing Synergy – Combined promotion & Advertising Potential for over 300,000 brand impressions – Your Venue is “Front Page News”
  11. Established Comedy Brand – 21 years of expertise, Deep Grass Roots and a built – in AUDIENCE
  12. We can help with 3rd party support from your key beer and liquor suppliers
  13. FULL PRODUCTION which includes Talent, venue management, front of house, ushers, servers and technical (sound and light if required)
  14. Gratuities. As 58% of our customers are in management and / or are business owners, they have higher than average disposable income

All you do is show up and enjoy the revenue streams and comedy experience!


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FunnyFest COMEDY also offers:

  • Corporate Comedy Shows @ 15% commission when you refer FunnyFest Comedy to your clients
  • TEAM BUILDING Comedy Seminars & Workshops:  
  1. Laughter in the Workplace
  2. Secrets of Stand Up Comedy to improve your public speaking within your presentations / speeches
  3. Comedy writing


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