Apply to Perform at FUNNYFEST


Please apply below. We welcome ALL unique, original AND very funny applicants, with integrity and a moral compass.

The 23rd Annual FUNNYFEST Calgary Comedy Festival Society, June 1 to 11, 2023 (Including the 23rd Annual FUNNYFEST

Comedy Competition, April 20 to 29, 2023), does NOT charge comedy artists to apply. We do NOT believe you should be penalized for desiring to share your Art & Craft.

The DEADLINE for applications is January 30, 2023, for the COMPETITION and March 1, 2023, for the main festival.

The 11 day and night festival dates for 23rd Annual FUNNYFEST Calgary Comedy Festival, are June 1 to 11, 2023 *. Festival Features: 20 Shows, 11 nights, 70 performers, 11 venues.  You will be notified, with an offer anywhere from 1 night to 4 nights, if you were selected. Normally, you are not notified if you are not selected.

You can also apply for the 23rd Annual FUNNYFEST Comedy Competition, April 20 to 29, 2023 *. OVERVIEW: A. Each round 2 winners advance to the quarter final; B. Winners from the 2 quarter finals compete in the semi – final; C. Winners from the semi – final compete in a taped for broadcast show in the CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL held on Sat. April 29, 2023. The judges are independent to make the event the fairest competition in the history of the universe (and beyond). This competition (will most likely) feature $2000 or more in prize money and the top 2 winners are invited to perform in the 23rd Annual FUNNYFEST Calgary Comedy Festival (Apply for the competition under “Get Involved” or click here).

Thank you and good luck.

The shows will be produced virtually by video for the events if pandemic restrictions prohibit producing shows at venues with in-person audiences.

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