Secrets of Stand Up Comedy

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Tips from the “SECRETS of Stand Up Comedy Workshop

Use these Physical Techniques that STAND UP COMICS use to — relate / bond / connect — with your audience:

  1. Look with purpose
  2. Make eye contact
  3. Square off to the audience or group (i.e. Face their location)
  4. Sight Gag
  5. Over exaggerate gesticulation with histrionics
  6. Move toward the person or group you address (then back into the centre of the spot light)
  7. Try to connect with each person individually (or table or group)
  8. Spritz (i.e. A quick amount of banter) and while engaging individuals ask for their name
  9. Listen intently
  10. Laugh with the audience — Show you are in on the bit (AND you are having a conversation)

NOTE: Stand Up Comedy is a Conversation with many people.

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