The 22nd Annual FunnyFest COMEDY Society is mandated to share the GIFT OF LAUGHTER and we would like to deliver a SPECIAL MESSAGE with a celebrity VOICE IMPRESSION for someone special to YOU. FunnyFest Comedy – Canada’s Comedy Expert (and producer of FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival) would be delighted to offer this Comedy Service.

The FunnyFest Comedy VOICE IMPRESSIONIST will deliver a a sizzling laugh riot that is produced and branded for your special pal!

Click below on the image to see the CELEBRITY VOICE IMPRESSIONS the FunnyFest COMEDY Team can deliver:

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BACKGROUND on FunnyFest Comedy:

FunnyFest Comedy has 50 performers on our roster, including Stand Up Comics, comedy magic, musical comedy, and variety comedy (such as sketch & improv). Moreover, ALL prices quoted are ALL inclusive and there are no hidden costs.

FunnyFest Comedy produces the annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival, Western Canada’s largest comedy event, held over 11 nights, with 20 comedy showcases, varied venues, 70 performers, and diverse comedy themes! Plus, FunnyFest Comedy offers amazing “Laugh & Learn” Seminars and Workshops on the Secrets of Stand Up Comedy to decisively improve your speeches and presentations (and include laughter).

Thank you.

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More info and buy comedy VOICE IMPRESSION package: CLICK HERE

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