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Dynamic, practical & one-of-kind courses & corporate seminars on stand up comedy, public speaking & comedy writing. Course’s are held in a VERY supportive environment. FunnyFest Comedy Workshops include: ALL course support materials, comedy writing short cuts galore and video critiques. After the workshop you will perform comedy at a live performance in front of supportive people who want to see you succeed! The FunnyFest Comedy workshop has a 100% satisfaction rating.

FunnyFest Workshops & Seminars:

  1. 1 Night Introduction to the Secrets of Stand Up Comedy to improve your communication & presentation skills – 2 hours.
  2. 6 week Comedy Workshop – Normally Tuesdays or Wednesdays @ 7 pm to 9 pm, every week for 6 weeks —  The complete training & performance exercises on the SECRETS of STAND UP COMEDY
  3. 3 week Comedy Workshop @ 7 pm to 9 pm, on 1 day every week for 3 weeks —  The bullet points and exercises on the SECRETS of STAND UP COMEDY.
  4. WEEKEND Comedy Workshops. Intense and Fun! Learn everything about stand up comedy from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday & Sunday. You can perform 5 minutes or more of YOUR original comedy you will write & practice on the Sunday @ 6 pm “Workshop Showcase”.
  5. Book FunnyFest Comedy for your company TEAM BUILDING. FunnyFest will deliver an unique, fascinating, funny and knowledgeable Seminar or Workshop on:
    2. Laughter in the Workplace
    3. How to Write Comedy!

Learn from the pros through a hilarious and non-competitive Comedy Workshop! An opportunity to improve your comedy skills, your humour in the workplace skills and also become a stand up comic — FunnyFest would teach you the secrets of stand up comedy! This highly interactive, comedy workshop is perfect for any person interested in stand up comedy and/or applying proven stand up comedy techniques to your personal and business life. Stand up comedy is an art and science. Laughter is a gift and a useful tool. The FunnyFest workshop will make you think, work and improve. These universal principals you can apply in your business and everyday life. PLUS you will have NON-STOP fun while you learn!

Price includes: All materials, big laughs (6 week course includes a video of a practice show for each participant), Professional Graduation Showcase (with pro MC & Headliner), chance to compete in the FUNNYFEST TALENT SEARCH, industry referrals and Q & A. PLUS you receive tickets to a FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Show AND the graduation show!

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