Glen Foster
Sean Lecomber
Chris Fairbanks
Sterling Scott
Simon King
Stu Hughes
Joe King
Jamie Hutchinson
Noor Kidwai
Chris Griffin
Andrew Albert
Chris Gordon
Yogi Paliwal
Jody Peters
Chris Gaskin
Paul Kuster
Michael Beers
John Howard
Lang Parker
Shawn Gramiak
Lawrence Wolf
Matt Mellon

Tim Koslo

John Bisbikos


Serena Shane
Matt Foster
Marc Hallworth
Tommy Mellor
Fred Kerr
Brett Forte
Pete Mathews
Matt Watson

17th annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival June 1 to June 11

EACH COMEDY EVENT FEATURES: Minimum 4 to 8 performers per show; average length 90 min – 120 min; doors open 1 hour before show time; Yes, there are great food options & tasty beverage services (at most venues).

Funnyfest 2017