22nd Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Performers will be PUBLISHED April 1, 2022

6 Comedians per show for ONLY $20!

APPLY NOW to PERFORM in the FunnyFest Comedy FESTIVAL OR the FunnyFest Comedy COMPETITION

There is NO fee to apply, as FunnyFest does not believe in penalizing performers for trying to share their respective ART and CRAFT

22nd Annual FunnyFest Comedy COMPETITION, April 21 to 30, 2022 - 10 nights of competitions for $2000 in Cash and Prizes

Laugh as Stand Up Comedians compete to be one of the funniest to WIN cash and a chance to perform in the 22nd Annual FunnyFest Comedy Festival

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2022 PERFORMERS Posted APRIL 1, 2022 

FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival has 6 COMEDIANS per SHOW for ONLY $20!

See 70 performers over 11 laugh - filled nights!

Phone : 403-228-7888 Email : tickets@funnyfest.com