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The 23rd Annual FunnyFest Comedy would be delighted to offer a FUNNYFEST Comedy TOUR” event for 90 to 120 minutes featuring 2 HEADLINE COMICS from our roster of 50 COMEDY performers!

All tours always feature FunnyFest Comedy’s BEST Stand – Up Comedians!

FEATURED Headline Comedian ARTISTS:


Stu Hughes is Over-the-top funny! A real and genuine comedic force, with an effortless ability to keep the audience glued to the non-stop laughs he creates with his original absurdity. Stu is the mad genius behind the FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival and a 22 year veteran of stand up comedy. Stu likes hockey, beer, being a professional pall bearer at funerals and throwing marbles at cheese!




Joe is the undisputed King of Comedy

An accomplished impressionist with a keen eye for pop culture! Joe will have you laughing, while he surprises you with his uncanny ability to tie his impressions into original comedy performances.

Joe was the WINNER of the 9th Annual FunnyFest Comedy Competition. 


FunnyFest Comedy on Tour Events are filled with outstanding value and include:

  1. Promotional materials that are tailor produced in colour of printable Poster, Table Talker AND Ticket; SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS — Large format postable graphic AND small format postable graphic. The Graphics will be emailed in High Resolution PDF within 2 days (i.e. once you fill in the brief booking confirmation);
  2. TICKET SALE On-line Site. This tailor made site provides easy access, so your customers will decide to purchase immediately (and up to the minute ticket sales);
  3. Submission to local media & event websites;
  4. Our price is ALL inclusive and there are no hidden costs. This includes — applicable taxes, gratuity, travel, per diem, insurance. Please provide 2 hotel rooms & small F & B tab;
  5. RECEIVE matching $ amount in Funny Money Gift Certificates to use within 1 year;
  6. Book 2 consecutive shows and receive 35% off;
  7. All bookings will receive $400 in FREE tickets to attend the 24th Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival
  8. Long term relationship;

INVESTMENT: 100% guaranteed the highest quality show at a VALUE partnership investment. The special partnership show will be tailored made to your region & venue.

Suggestion: This show is of the highest quality. Combine ticket revenue with F & B sales (AND a positive message about your brand to new and old customers) = SUCCESS!

FunnyFest Comedy Hotline: 403 228 7888


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