24th Annual FunnyFest Comedy Society — Sponsorship Packages

The 24th Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival is high profile media, promotion and advertising event, and FunnyFest Comedy is pleased to offer enticing sponsorship packages for businesses large and small! Advertise and promote your business AND Share the Gift of Laughter to your prospects and engage your customers, clients, and staff with the most hilarious & interesting entertainment with one of our affordable and value-packed FunnyFest sponsorship packages below:

Friend of FunnyFest

Bring a FunnyFest showcase (FEATURING 6 amazing performers / $15,00 value) to your venue (or 1 of our 11 venues), and receive full production and an additional 100 tickets ($2500 value) to festival shows! All this for only $5000.

Silver Sponsorship

Recognition on promotional material and website, FunnyFest showcase FEATURING 6 amazing performers; a total of 300 tickets ($7500 value) to festival shows; 30 x $100 ($3000 value) in FUNNY MONEY Gift Certificates redeemable for FunnyFest Comedy shows; and give the Gift of Laughter to the community with 100 tickets ($2500 value) to a charity of your choice! All-in, this level totals over $25,000 in value! All this for only $10,000.

Gold Sponsorship

Recognition in ALL print advertising and promotional materials; 2 x FunnyFest Comedy showcases (FEATURING 6 amazing performers / $30,000 value); 600 tickets to FunnyFest shows (value $15,000); 50 x $100 ($5,000 value) in FUNNY MONEY Gift Certificates; and give the Gift of Laughter to the community with 100 tickets to 2 charities of your choice! ($5,000 value) An exceptional return of over $50,000 in value! All this for only $25,000.

Platinum Sponsorship

Recognition in not only ALL of our print advertising and promotional materials, but be a part in our radio advertisements as well! Also includes a generous serving of 1000 in digital tickets (on your personalized company page) at FunnyFest.com, mixed in with printed tickets (value $25000); $10,000 in FUNNY MONEY gift certificates you can put towards hosting more shows or attending seminars, a donation of the Gift of Laughter with 5 x 100 tickets given to a 5 charities of your choice (value $12500); and 10 x FunnyFest Comedy showcases for your company’s private enjoyment (Value $300,000). With an estimated return of over $250,000 in value, this is a package for the company who has everything and still wants more. All this for only $75,000.

Title Sponsorship

Platinum-level recognition not enough for you? Be everything with FunnyFest Comedy with title recognition on anything and everything: Every print advertising material, every radio ad, every show, everything! Not only that, but you get a monster package of 5000 tickets, $35,000 in FUNNY MONEY for even more tickets, shows, and/or seminars, a generous donation of 10 x 100 tickets to give the Gift of Laughter to the charities of your choice, a set of 15 private FunnyFest Comedy shows to keep the laughs rolling all year long, and SO MUCH MORE! In total, you’re looking at over $485,000 in value of so many kinds it’s difficult to list them all! All this for only $250,000.

FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Society is a true comedy event; offering a diverse range of belly laughs — Low-brow to high-brow and everything in between! FunnyFest Comedy is a non-profit society, produced by volunteers, with a main mandate: To promote physical and mental health through the Gift of Laughter. The 24th Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Society, MAY 30 to JUNE 9, 2024, FEATURES: 11 nights of comedy with 70 performers at 11 venues with over 11000 punchlines!

FunnyFest Comedy produces of over 100 comedy events & workshops year-round. The main events are the Comedy Festival; the 24th Annual FunnyFest Comedy Competition, APRIL 18 to 27, 2024; FunnyFest Comedy on Tour at select venues across Canada; FunnyFest Comedy Workshops AND Seminars; and our monthly comedy series.


24th Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Society
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