22nd Annual FunnyFest Comedy Society — Sponsorship, Ticketing, Show & Seminar Opportunities

Own part of a comedy celebration property and let the 22nd Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Society (Canada’s Comedy Expert has produced over 2000 comedy events and is Western Canada’s largest comedy event) be a hilarious, turn-key fit for your company’s benefit! What better incentive is there for staff, clients and stakeholders than the Gift of Laughter and learning? FunnyFest Comedy actively promotes mental & physical well-being through unique comedy offerings, delivered by some of the finest comedy minds of the World. Please choose from our creative offerings below so your staff and/or clients can be engaged by the most hilarious & interesting entertainment — Therefore leaving a memorable and successful impression of your brand (Best of all, ALL of our offerings are a 100% write-off, as an advertising expensewith Revenue Canada):

  1. FunnyFest Sponsorship — The benefits are unique, comprehensive, provide significant reach and positioning and are value loaded. Sponsorship investment opportunities range from $500 to $150,000. Choose from the levels: Title, Platinum, Gold, Silver or Friend of FunnyFest.
  2. FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Society tickets @ 50% off or $10 per ticket. Give laughter! Support our volunteer produced Calgary Comedy Festival by purchasing some FUNNY MONEY Gift Certificates @ 2 for the price of 1 or only $50 per $100 Gift Certificate!                                             
  3. Corporate Comedy Show with Performers from FunnyFest Comedy — Stand up comics, variety, musical, sketch troupes and magic. It’s time for BIG LAUGHS to boost morale, inspire and create interest at ANY EVENT!
  4. Banner Ad — Promote your business at www.FunnyFest.com for $299 (for 1 year) includes $400 in tickets to the 22nd Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival, June 2 to June 12, 2022 AND valid for most events YEAR ROUND.

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FunnyFest Comedy is a true comedy event; offering a diverse range of belly laughs — Low-brow to high-brow and everything in between! FunnyFest Comedy is a non-profit society. The 22nd Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival, JUNE 2 to JUNE 12, 2022, FEATURES: 11 nights of comedy with 70 performers at 11 venues with over 11000 punchlines and 11 comedy themes!

FunnyFest Comedy Produces 150 comedy events & workshops year – round. Book or see a FunnyFest Comedy Tour & comedy series at select venues across Canada.


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22nd Annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Society

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